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Meet the founders!

Global Grad is a Community Interest Company founded in 2017 by father, Steff Wright and daughter, Georgia Wright. A community interest company is a business with primary social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community.

After deferring her place at University, Georgia set out on her gap year at 18 years old, keen to travel the world, experiencing things first-hand. Her gap year turned into three years of working and travelling around the world, visiting 30 countries. Whilst being able to gain invaluable life experiences through volunteering on environmental projects and overcoming challenges of travelling and working, she still didn’t get the business degree she had planned to study for.

On returning to the UK the thought of being tied down to three years of traditional education was one which didn’t appeal to Georgia and it was that point that the idea for Global Grad was born.

Steff has spent his working life building a group of successful companies and has an enthusiasm for innovation across different sectors. He also shares Georgia’s passion for travel and has always seen great value in employing individuals who can demonstrate they have diverse life experience alongside academic qualifications. Global Grad was therefore given access to the resources and support of the Gusto Group to get it up and running.

The highly motivated Global Grad team are committed to supporting learners wanting to combine the academic benefits of online study with the experiential benefits of global travel, responsible volunteering and being part of a growing community of Global Grads.

Working with great companies

The innovative company behind Global Grad.

The world’s largest student travel company. Arranging our long-haul flights with competitive ATOL protected fares and a great service.

Our values

Global Grad aims to be fully aligned with the United Nations sustainability goals.

We constantly evaluate our experiences to ensure that we are providing Global Grads with a beneficial educational and sustainably minded travel experience.

Opportunities to work with us

If you are involved in online education, responsible volunteering or other experiential learning and would like to work with us, please get in touch. We aim for Global Grads to be linked up to the best opportunities possible!
Are you interested in becoming a Location Manager? Job roles are available!
Contact us via email: enquiries@globalgrad.com

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Gusto Group

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