Can I participate In Global Grad as part of my gap year?

Yes! Provided you are participating in some form of learning (e.g. personal project/short course) you can choose to join us for one or two semesters in the year and take advantage of our structured travel and study experience.

Many Global Grads join us during their gap year and study short courses (many of which are free) to gain knowledge and understanding of areas that interest them, and also to gain key employability skills.

We have many volunteering opportunities you can take advantage of which are not only incredible and rewarding experiences but will also build your CV further and give you life experience. 

If you’re planning to go to traditional university after your gap year, you may choose to study short courses that are relevant to your upcoming degree, giving yourself an advantage on your peers before starting University. You may otherwise take the opportunity to broaden your knowledge in a completely separate area that interests you or learn a useful skill such as a foreign language.

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