How do total costs compare to the cost of attending a traditional UK University?

Online diplomas, foundation courses, degrees, masters etc vary in price depending on the University or College delivering the course. They can be up to half the price of a traditional UK university degree. The cost of each Global Grad semester will vary depending on the location. For example, Australia and New Zealand will have higher living costs than South East Asia. However, because of lower University fees and the fact that you only pay for accommodation when you use it; the overall cost will be lower than a traditional UK University wherever you choose to study. 

Example costs: 

Newcastle University BA (Hons) Economics and Business ManagementOnline study with The Open University + Global Grad experience BA (Hons) Economics and Business Management 
Two semesters in NewcastleTwo semesters in South-East Asia 
University fees: £9,250University fees: £5,850 
Accommodation in halls: £5,500Global Grad fees including all accommodation, road trips / interrailing and staff support in 2 locations: £7,500 
Living costs: £3,000Living costs: £2,150 
Extracurricular activities: £500Additional activities: £1,500 
Travel between University and home: £250Return flights to location and travel to airport in UK: £1,000 
Approximate Total Cost: £18,500Approximate Total Cost: £18,000 
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