How much does Global Grad cost?

Our 12-week South East Asia trip costs £3750 (other destination costs are to be confirmed 9 months before departure).

This price includes accommodation, study spaces, two 10-14 day epic road trips, all travel between destinations, volunteering opportunities, 24-hour support from our Location Managers and our UK based team, and much more! For further details, head to the costs and payments page of our website:

We offer great value, especially when compared to traditional university. For example, the full cost of studying at a traditional UK university adds up to £50,000 over a three-year degree when accommodation and living costs are added to the annual £9,250 course fees. Online degrees are typically half this cost and the living costs in our locations, such as South-East Asia, are much lower than in the UK. So, even if you add the cost of flights, the total cost of an online degree and two Global Grad semesters during an academic year, the overall cost can still be less than the annual cost of traditional university.

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