What costs are involved, and when do they become payable?

The cost of your online course will depend upon your choice of University and course. This is likely to be around half the cost of studying at a traditional UK University. 

Your course fees may qualify for a student loan. The amount will depend on personal circumstances and the course chosen. More details are available on the Government website (https://www.gov.uk/student-finance )

You will need to be enrolled onto a course before you depart for your first semester. 

Typical costs for your first South East Asia full-semester, based on Sept 2019 (with half-semester costs in brackets) are as follows: 

  • A £50 reservation deposit will be required to secure your place on your semester. We suggest that you pay this as soon as you have chosen your semester as places will be limited.
  • £3,700 (£1,850) Global Grad fees to cover all accommodation, road trips, study hubs and support from the Global Grad team.
  • £2000 (£1,000) will typically cover the cost of general living and additional tours and activities. We recommend that our students have this available to them on an STA Travel money card.
  • A £49 reservation deposit will be required by STA travel to secure your preferred return flights at the best-fixed price.
  • Up to £800 for return flights. This may vary based on time of booking.

Payment dates for South East Asia (September 2019) are as follows: 

  • STA travel payments: (in addition to £49 reservation deposit) 
  • 1st Jul 2019 – Balancing payment for return flights. This must be paid in full to secure the flights. 
  • STA will give options regarding flexibility such as cancellation or change of dates. 

Full-semester Global Grad fee options (with half-semester options in brackets)

  1. Choose to pay in full:   1st July 2019 – Balancing payment to Global Grad (in addition to £50 reservation deposit) £3,650 paid via online Bank Transfer or via PayPal.
  2. Choose to pay in three monthly instalments:
  • £50 reservation fee
  • 1st Jul 2019 – £1250 (£600)
  • 1st Aug 2019 – £1250 (£625)
  • 1st Sept 2019 – £1250 (£625)

Paid via online Bank Transfer or PayPal. Total charge £3,800 (£1,900)

Why not reserve your place now by placing a £50 deposit, using the PayPal link below:

Global Grad