What funding options are available?

Private student finance:

Private student finance is available through https://www.futurefinance.com/. They provide loans with reduced payments during term time, meaning you pay off the majority of your loan after you graduate.

Student bank accounts:

Student bank account offer favourable overdraft terms. For example, a student bank account at Nationwide offers a 0% overdraft limit of £1,000 in year one, £2,000 in year two and £3,000 in year three.

Masters students:

If you’re planning on studying a post-graduate course, such as a masters, and you live in England, you are eligible for a non-means tested student loan of up to £10,906, paid directly to you. The typical cost of an online masters degree is anywhere between £5,500 and £9,500, meaning you will have some leftover cash which can help with the cost of your Global Grad semesters.

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