What happens in a typical day on a semester?

During our semesters you have the freedom to plan your own day dependent on your workload. Whether this is to spend a day in our hand-picked study-hubs, checking out local attractions or even relaxing on the beach. The choice is yours. 

Typically, there will be a group of you going to your co-working space where you have access to all their modern facilities 24/7, so you can tag along when you fancy. In the past, some of our students said they worked better studying in local cafes or even finding some chilled spots around our hostels, but that’s up to you. Your evenings may consist of exploring local street markets, going for a few drinks to watch the sunset or just relaxing in your hostel. 

In each location, we also have various volunteering opportunities you can get involved with frequently, these may be set on certain days, for example, every Tuesday afternoon. These are encouraged but not compulsory. 

Our Location Managers may also organise day trips for you, for example to hidden waterfalls, elephant sanctuaries, temples etc. Again, these are not compulsory, as you will have the freedom to do your own thing. Our Location Managers will be there 24/7 for guidance and support and have a breadth of knowledge of each location.

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