How Global Grad improves your CV

October 3, 2019

How Global Grad improves your CV

Let’s face it: qualifications don’t guarantee jobs. While having an undergraduate or postgraduate degree increases your likelihood of being in employment, primarily in skilled roles, not everybody in the country will be in employment (General Labour Market Statistics, 2018). Even in places such as Belarus, where President Lukashenko has made it illegal for the majority to be unemployed, there still has never been 100% employment (The Times, 2015).

The job market is tough. Especially in a period where globalisation is booming and migration is possible and happening, you don’t have just your locals to compete with for a job role. Competition is rising, and thus the need to make a more unique CV is increasing also.


Global Grad itself is a huge benefit on CV’s. A gap year is seen as a time where useful skills can be learnt, and by using the innovative Global Grad alternative, you can gain the skills of a gap year while getting on with your course. It’ll help save time and could also be beneficial for your pocket- Global Grad’s travel is reasonably priced and online courses are cheaper than brick university courses. You’ll get to tick off some places on your bucket list rather than looking at the four walls of a lecture hall for years.


On top of this, you will be able to access the platform LinkedIn Learning complimentary to joining a Global Grad semester. There are plenty of courses which will become accessible to you which can be related to a variety of topics. Business, computing and grammar are a few which are suggested when I browse through the website.

Go ahead and browse through the page to see what you may be interested in. Or why not check out a video about Tom from the January 2019 semester and his usage of LinkedIn Learning?


Student Support at Global Grad will also send all their students a ‘personal learning pathway’. Revolving around the student’s subject of choice, a selection of courses which may be beneficial to the student will be suggested. These are optional but can help you develop new skills which could help you in the future. They’re also another useful bullet point for your CV!

I’m an International Studies and Politics student. As a student ambassador, I write a good proportion of the blogs and posts in the Offer Holders group. Some of the courses suggested to me include International Business and developing a career plan. These come from a variety of sources like FutureLearn. OpenLearn is another good one, especially if you’re contemplating/on an Open University course.


Global Grad study spaces are in active co-working spaces rather than specialist facilities. This is of benefit- in Da Nang, for example, we got to know a few regular faces who worked for Google. We also attended events so got to know people from varied backgrounds. This may be a good way to learn more about professions you may like to join or even meeting people with skills or hobbies you want to work on. I’m sure not many of my friends who live on a campus can say they’ve brushed shoulders with mayors and national athletes. I managed both in one day in Malaysia!


Global Grad’s support circle come from varied backgrounds but have one thing in common: they’re all here to help you get through you course, see the world and be the best person you can be. If you need help trying to advance yourself in the job market or putting yourself at an advantage ready for the world of work, they’ll do what they can to assist you with your needs. I’ve interacted with the majority of the team and they’re lovely; feel free to send a message on the website, via email or on one of Global Grad’s social medias.

About the author

Jasmin Dawling is one of Global Grad’s January 2019 students and is completing a full-time Bachelor’s degree with the Open University in International Studies. While this is her first time formally blogging, she has had plenty of writing experience in the past, from novel writing since the age of six to working on the school newspaper. Apart from seeing the sights of South East Asia and working on her degree, Jasmin spends most of her time either procrastinating or writing down her novel ideas, be it on her travelling-inspired new ideas or the 7-part series she’s been toying with for almost ten years.

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