Stand out from the crowd!

Our experiences bring you a wealth of benefits…

Stand out from the crowd

Employers often look for applicants who have studied and travelled abroad, who have interpersonal skills and who can cope well with new situations.

Build your international network

Make new friends and connections all over the world, enriching your future work and social life. You will also improve your ability to communicate and collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.

Develop new skills

You will be motivated by an environment which inspires you to achieve more. Discover new food, learn a new language, try a new activity; the opportunities are endless!

Build a standout CV

After your Global Grad experience, you may be able to add these skills and experiences to your CV:

  • The online learning or qualification of your choice
  • The ability to get out of your comfort zone
  • Responsible voluntary work
  • Enhanced understanding of cultural and global issues
  • Use of initiative and self-motivation
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • And much more!


Supporting our community of Global Grads

As a Global Grad, your wellbeing is our number one priority. As part of our community, you will benefit from continuing support from both our UK and location-based teams at all stages of your experience and beyond.

From organising airport transfers and accommodation, to arranging access to inspiring co-working spaces and road trips logistics, you can be confident that your experience will be trouble-free.

Pre-departure preparation!

  • Help from our online learning advisors
  • Welcome packs
  • Guidance on booking flights and insurance through our partner STA Travel
  • Detailed visa information
  • Pre-departure meet up event, parents are welcome too!
  • Location guides of where you will be visiting
  • Packing list
  • Invitation to WhatsApp and Facebook groups to chat with other Global Grads

Support during your chosen experience!

  • Experienced, in person Location Managers available to support you 24/7
  • Location introductions to ensure you feel comfortable and make the most of your time
  • Support from our UK-based team regarding learning and personal development
  • Peer to peer support
  • Access to vibrant co-working spaces in every study location
  • The opportunity to attend local educational events and networking sessions
  • Guidance in finding and taking part in responsible volunteering opportunities
  • Well planned exciting and interesting road trip experiences

Be part of our community!

  • As part of the Global Grad community you will have the opportunity to network with other Global Grads
  • Connect with other students studying your chosen online course
  • First-hand perspectives on the Global Grad experience from previous Global Grads’
  • Ask for recommendations for where to gain extra skills while on location or elsewhere



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