Learn anything, from anywhere in the world.

As a Global Grad, you have the freedom to choose your own learning, provided it can be undertaken online. Whether you are on a gap year and developing your skills for the future, looking to study for an online degree or other qualification, or a budding entrepreneur developing your business skills – a Global Grad experience will help you achieve your goals.

Check out the options below to decide where you’d like to focus your learning whilst travelling the world with us.

Not sure what to learn? No problem! Our expert Online Learning Advisors are on hand to help – email claire@globalgrad.com to get lots of useful information and advice.

Gain a formal online qualification!

Online undergraduate and postgraduate programs are a rapidly expanding area for universities in the UK and worldwide. These universities recognise that many of today’s students demand the flexibility to combine their studies with periods of employment or travel, gaining valuable life skills by doing so.

Remember, we do not provide online courses, but a Global Grad experience provides you with the facilities to study your chosen course alongside your travels.

Where to find your online course

You can choose any online course from any provider worldwide – use the links below to start your search. Distance Learning Portal is a useful search engine where you can browse thousands of courses to find the one that’s right for you.

Become an independent lifelong learner!

Short courses are available online for whatever you want to learn. Many of these are free and there are an ever-increasing number of platforms to choose from. This means they’re ideal for making the most out of your gap year!

Take courses to learn practical skills such as graphic design or photography; learn about world or environmental issues; research subjects you plan to study at university or develop personal skills such as creative thinking and effective communication.

Whatever you wish to study, the platforms below will give you some ideas:


Showcase your skills!

A Global Grad experience provides you with the perfect opportunity to work on a personal project – here are a few ideas of what you could do:

  • Develop a portfolio of photography, textiles, art or architecture, for example
  • Create blogs or vlogs of your travels and experiment with promoting this
  • Develop your own website or learn to code
  • Write a novel
  • Research a career change

There are a wealth of online resources available to help you to showcase your work:


Experience the freedom of remote working!

If you’re a budding entrepreneur or digital nomad, pack your laptop and join us!

Combining work and travel provides a unique opportunity to open your mind and connect to a new network of global citizens.

Global Grad provides the framework of accommodation and modern co-working spaces to enable you to pursue your work while travelling the world alongside others with a similar focus.

Engage with local communities, build your network through attending business events and in your free time explore the sights and culture of the places that you visit.

As a Global Grad, you’ll have access to business mentoring from our very own serial entrepreneur and CEO, Steff Wright.

Personal development

Gain key life skills for the real world!

Through travelling with others, you will:

  • Develop confidence in your abilities
  • Change your perspectives by experiencing life in a different way
  • Improve your decision making
  • Boost your creativity through drawing on your experiences
  • Become a better communicator
  • Develop independence

All within the safe environment of organised group travel and with the support and encouragement of our team.

Local opportunities & volunteering

Carrying out online learning and research is a great way to develop a skill or support ongoing voluntary work.

A few things you could get involved with include looking after rescued animals, teaching English at local primary schools, promoting youth empowerment, working on environmental projects and more.

In addition to this, all of our locations also have opportunities to learn something tangible, including Muay Thai, yoga, surfing, scuba diving, learning a new language and much more! 

Where do I study?

We partner with modern, English-speaking co-working spaces in our study locations to give you an inspiring place to learn. Here, people come together in a shared space to work independently on different projects, or in groups on the same projects.

Your co-working spaces will provide:

  • High speed WIFI
  • Weekly events
  • Chill out areas
  • Coffee bar
  • Printing facilities
  • Secure lockers
  • A network of entrepreneurs and employees of global companies
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