My experience with Global Grad

March 31, 2020

My experience with Global Grad

My first contact with Global Grad

I first heard about Global Grad when an advert for it popped up on my Instagram. The concept presented in the advert ; travelling while gaining a degree appealed to me, so I ordered a brochure and registered on their website.

The Global Grad events

A month later my mum and I went along to one of the Global Grad meet-up events. A few months later, I brought my dad to another Global Grad meet up. The presentations at the events gave my parents a chance to learn about what a Global Grad semester entails. It was also a great opportunity to meet those who were also interested in going on a Global Grad semester, as well as members of the Global Grad team, who were all very welcoming and were able to answer all my questions.

Why I chose Global Grad

At the time I submitted my registration for Global Grad, I was looking for options other than traditional university. One of the alternatives that I considered was Minerva schools at KGI. I was attracted by the chance to travel whilst learning and achieving a qualification. However, they offered a fixed curriculum which would not have suited me personally. With Global Grad, students can pick any course available online and it was this flexibility and choice that really drew me towards Global Grad.

Ambassador Scheme

In the January after I registered, I received an email from the Global Grad team, offering the opportunity to become a Global Grad Brand ambassador. This seemed like an amazing opportunity; therefore, I went forward with it and now I am officially a Global Grad Brand Ambassador. It is a fabulous job that consists of creating awareness for the Global Grad brand and I would recommend doing it if this sounds like something that you are interested in.

My impressions of Global Grad

The part of Global Grad that appealed to me the most was the travelling aspect. I think that it is such an inventive idea to pair up travel and learning and I am glad that I have the opportunity to experience it. Through frequent updates on the social media pages of Global Grad I am able to see the activities of the cohort out on a Global Grad semester. On the website there are an increasing number of blogs website which give a detailed student perspective of partaking in the Global Grad experience. Seeing how amazing the experience looks makes me all the more excited for my semester abroad with Global Grad.

About the author

Salem Habtom is a sixth form student and Global Grad Brand Ambassador. She’s planning to join Global Grad for her master’s, for which she is planning to study Creative writing. For her undergraduate degree next year, she is planning to go to Queen Mary University of London to study English with Creative writing with a Year Abroad. Her hopes for the future is to become a writer and she has a passion for exploring new places.

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