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My granddaughter Jasmin lives with my wife and I along with her mother. In January 2019, Jasmin embarked on a Global Grad semester to South East Asia. She had done all the research work herself. As departure day approached, Jasmin became a little nervous at the prospect of being a long way from home for 4 months. The travel arrangements were all made by Global Grad and all participants received a T-Shirt with Global Grad emblazoned on it. It was suggested they wore these on the first day so they could all find each other.

Jasmin travelled to Manchester and flew from there via Abu Dhabi where she met with another participant. They flew to Bangkok where they were based for a few hours before going up to North Thailand for around 4 weeks. On leaving Thailand the group travelled through Cambodia and on to Vietnam for 4 weeks and then to Malaysia before the final destination of Singapore.

We kept in touch regularly throughout her travels using Skype, and she kept us updated on the various activities they had been involved with.  In Thailand, this included visiting a children’s blind school, an elephant sanctuary to see procedures and joining in with Chinese New Year. In addition, each location had facilities to allow participants to conduct their studies, something Jasmin said was easier than studying at home. They also had plenty of contact with the local population so they could compare the different cultures.

Throughout the 4 month period, Jasmin seemed very comfortable with all the arrangements and was relaxed with the organisation for travel, study and domestic facilities. I know that Jasmin thoroughly enjoyed herself and would certainly like to participate in another Global Grad semester.

Global Grad offers amazing opportunities for students to gain their degree and see the world. Global Grad are so approachable and supportive of students and parents.

I travelled out to Vietnam and met Georgia and Louella, two very genuine, approachable and caring people. I was invited along to any activities they had planned during my time in Asia.

My departure was hard for both of us, but it was easier knowing that my daughter was with such a caring and supportive group which she settled into.

I highly recommend Global Grad, they have a well-organised programme and support the student from their application right through to their return home.

My son travelled to SE Asia with Global Grad after deciding to defer his university place for a year. We were really impressed with the help and guidance he was given regarding travel arrangements and study options. He was initially unsure what he wanted to study but after some suggestions from their student support team, decided to focus on developing his photography skills and gaining some background knowledge of global business issues in preparation for his upcoming business degree.

As a parent, I was sceptical whether he would actually do any studying but travelling with a group of students who all had their own studies to complete, he found that he enjoyed the learning environment and was therefore motivated to study. Travelling with a group; he chose to take part in lots of volunteering and other activities which I don’t think he would have done if travelling alone or with a friend on traditional gap year experience.

Thank you Global Grad!

As a parent of an 18 year old, who wanted to travel abroad in her gap year, I was concerned about the safety aspects of travelling in South East Asia and about whether my daughter was mature enough to cope with any problems that she might encounter and whether she would have the confidence to make the most of her travels.

I was able to speak with the CEO of Global Grad, Steff, who explained about the contact between students and the contact that students would have with their experienced location manager at all times. Once out in Thailand, Location Manager Georgia, encouraged her to take part in such new activities as Muay Thai and attending events at their study spaces, to forge new friendships, and to take part in volunteering activities!

Having decided to study for his master’s degree online, my son was finding it hard to fit in studying around his workplace commitments in the UK. He was keen to finish his qualification and get into the workplace as soon as possible. Having earned some money in short term employment, he decided to travel with Global Grad to give him chance to focus on completing his studies alongside travelling to South East Asia, an area of the world which he’d always wanted to visit.

During the semester, he was able to concentrate on his studies. Working alongside other students, he was able to make the most of the excellent study facilities to complete his studies and made some great contacts for the future along the way!

Alexandra has not stopped talking about her Global Grad experience since she has come back home. She really did have the best time, I am quite jealous. I think this is an opportunity we should encourage all of our children to take. Not only has her confidence continued to soar since her return, I can see a new sense of independence that she has taken on board, which has helped her in so many ways. Alexandra made lifelong friends and memories I could only dream on her Global Grad semester; she’s already looking forward to the next one!

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