Explore Australia & Bali

Hostel Accommodation

High-quality hostel accommodation; dormitory rooms as well as single rooms with private en-suites are available.


Enjoy two 10-14 day road trips through up to 11 European countries on your study breaks.

Study Space

24/7 access to inspiring and motivating study spaces with high-speed WIFI and study facilities.

InLearning Platform

InLearning provides thousands of video short courses including software, creative and business skills. You will have optional access to InLearning.

Like-minded community

By the end of your semester, you will have a new family of inspiring and ambitious people who you will have made lifelong memories with.

Volunteering opportunities

In each destination, you will have the opportunity to volunteer in the local environment and give back to the community that hosts us through our excellent relationships with local organisations.

Location guides

Your Location Managers will provide you with our own personalised location guides with information collated from our past semesters as well as our own personal exploration.

Language crash courses

In each new country, we organise ‘survival’ language courses, so you can make yourself understood when it matters.

24-Hour support

Around the clock support and advice from Global Grad Location Managers and our UK-based team

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