Help transform local communities through responsible volunteering.

As a Global Grad, you have the opportunity to go beyond the usual tourist path and really connect with the communities that you visit.

Becoming involved in responsible volunteering projects during your travels will enable you to see, first-hand, some of the challenges faced by communities around the world. You’ll work alongside both locals and professionals sharing information and carrying out tasks which directly benefit the project.

Not only are such experiences incredibly rewarding, they enable you to gain a wider perspective on the world, while making a lasting contribution to sustainable projects with measurable long-term goals.


Projects we work with

Elephant Nature Park:

Elephant Nature Park is a rescue and rehabilitation centre in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand where you can volunteer for up to a week. They have been involved in dozens of rescues which have created their thriving elephant herd. The park provides a natural environment for not only elephants but also dogs, cats, water buffaloes and many more.
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Track of The Tiger:

Track of the Tiger is a community-run reforestation programme, they aim to address the annual burning of the forests in Northern Thailand and the health and economic issues that this brings to the rural communities. They also work hard to promote micro and small tourism businesses such as traditional tribal pottery and crafts. Global Grads can get involved in a variety of different projects with Track of the Tiger.
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Meraki School: 

Meraki School is a wonderful primary school for Vietnamese children in Da Nang, Vietnam. Global Grads can volunteer their time to teach the children a skill of their choice, for example, English language, arts and crafts or drama. The amount of time you volunteer here is up to you, one class per week or more.
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Paws for compassion:

Paws for compassion rescue and rehabilitate dogs and cats at their shelter, providing a safe place for them to recover until they’re ready to find their forever homes. They educate the community on the importance of animal welfare. Global Grads can volunteer with Paws for Compassion where they can help with the day to day running of the shelters to help ensure the rescued dogs and cats have the best chance at a better life.
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“Witnessing and taking part in the protection of these amazing animals has been really rewarding.”

– Bethany, Current Global Grad

Our values

All of our projects fall in line with The UN Sustainable Development Goals. By working directly with grassroots-level non-profit organisations, we ensure that your contribution is part of a community-driven effort which has a lasting benefit for the local community.

  •  Global Grad are building strong and lasting relationships with local partners in our locations.
  •  All of our projects have measurable long-term goals which answer genuine needs.
  • Global Grads work alongside local staff on projects; not instead of them.
  • Global Grads are never required to undertake activities that they don’t have the experience to effectively perform.
  • Global Grads with relevant specialist skills are always encouraged to share them with local staff.
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