Designing your personalised learning pathway.

Shape your own learning experience

We have five base learning pathways and once we know which is best fit for you our team will help you build your own personalised pathway on the InLearning platform (part of the Linkedin family).

The Inlearning platform is a professional learning tool, which not only has thousands of courses, but you can also import your own course from other providers.  See the video below for an introduction.

Where are you now…what is your next goal?

For us to help you produce an Online learning pathway we will need to know what your current situation is and what you would like to achieve from your Global Grad experience.  But don’t worry if there isn’t an exact match, choose the closest one.

Please choose the base pathway which most closely fits you.

You now 👤 ……>…….>…….>…..>…..Your goal 🎯


👤 1 – Leaving school…..>….

This pathway will be created for one or two semesters and could include A-level retakes or taster modules for the subjects you plan to study after your Global Grad gap year.

….>….. 🎯 Ready for Uni or apprenticeship

👤 2 – Leaving school…..>….

This pathway will be created to include your chosen online degree course from one of the growing numbers of Universities now delivering their degrees online.

…..>…. 🎯 Graduate with online degree

👤 3 – Leaving University as a graduate…..>….

This pathway will be created to include your chosen online masters degree which may even be available from your current university.

…..>…. 🎯 Graduate with an online Masters

👤 4 – Leaving University…..>….

This pathway focusses on career development planning and employability skills including specific professional development or vocational courses. The main aim is to help you understand the types of global career opportunities which are available and get you ready to apply for your dream job with a stand out CV

…..>…. 🎯 Ready to start a career

👤 5 – Want a change of career (or Sabbatical)…..>….

This pathway will be focussed on professional development courses and industry recognised courses to help you position yourself for a change of career.

….>…. 🎯 Ready to start a new career

Click on the pathway which you match most closely with and that will help us create your personalised pathway via InLearning alongside access to over 10,000 free courses.

Online learning

Online learning has never been easier, you can choose the speed that you want to study as well as where you want to study. All you need is your laptop and some good WiFi!

Many top online universities and colleges have courses that are unconditional based on your predicted grades.

You have the freedom to join Global Grad for just one semester or anything ranging up to the full duration of your studies.

and we’re here to help …

Global Grad Study Hubs

On a typical semester you will spend 4-5 weeks in each of our three study hub locations.

We provide inspiring and motivating study areas with high speed WiFi, 24-hour access and all the study facilities you need.

Study Breaks

Study breaks are an opportunity for you to continue to widen your knowledge of the world. We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the world, its people and cultures by getting involved in anything from volunteering, learning a new language, networking or trying out a new activity.

The list goes on and is only limited by your imagination. You will develop new skills, learn from a variety of new experiences and become a global citizen.

Get your qualification and a new global perspective.

Two Global Grad semesters each year

Two Global Grad semesters each year

September-December and January-May provides the ideal combination of overseas travel and home-time with family and friends.

Supporting your studies …

Supporting your studies …

We create the perfect 24/7 environment for online education, including:
- Air con
- Ultra high speed WiFi
- Stationary/printing resources
- Global Grad staff support

Amazing study locations

Amazing study locations

Join us for one semester or more

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